DSC_0609-1Wellness is achieved when we maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit to the extent that we feel well. Most of us know what it feels like to feel well, but sometimes we fall short at maintaining wellness. It is easy to get lost in thought, stuck in feelings, or closed-off to new experiences, habits, or ideas. We can change our lives for the better, by adopting new perspectives which lead to new behaviors that can improve our well-being. I am not saying that you will not experience difficulty in life, but I am saying that the way you perceive those experiences can change by altering habits that accelerate your inner growth and enable you to live well.

It is my pleasure to share my insights about wellness with you in this space. I maintain wellness by sustaining a healthy mind through the practice of yoga and mindfulness, a healthy body by exercising and following a nutritious diet; and a healthy spirit by meditating and praying daily.

Maintaining wellness is essential to live your life well. — Jessica L. Simpson

I believe that living well is only achieved through the maintenance of wellness. My greatest joy is helping others, so please as you read my blog posts, ask me questions. My hope is that my insights and this space inspire and guide you to live well!

Be well,

Jessica Leanice Simpson, MPH


PHOTO: Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa