Mantra: I am love

Focus on the things you want in life, not the things you do not won’t. Why? Because thoughts become things. When we practice mindfulness we begin to recognize our thought patterns. One of the transformative truths that I learned, is that when I practice mindfulness I am paying attention or taking note of what I am thinking,…

Worship Wednesday: Living in Gratitude

In my twenties, I began seeking guidance not only in prayer, but also through the word of God, which I believe has transformed my perspective on life and guided the way I live now. We all know it can take Catholics a little while before they truly read and meditate on the Bible. Through reading…

Mantra: I am grateful

I am grateful. Three words that have significant power and meaning. “I am grateful,” is my mantra for this month. After reflecting on my life and noticing that I complain more than I should, I felt that I should acknowledge the numerous reasons to be grateful. The most prominent reason to be grateful, is that we are human beings. As human beings, we have the ability to make choices, to use language, to feel, to eat – oh, how I enjoy eating good food – and many more unique qualities of being a human.

As Mark Nepo so eloquently states in The Book of Awakening, we are precious human beings, we are rare, and we are awake. Our consciousness could be inside an ant instead of inside a human body. Imagine how difficult that experience would be. Instead, we are conscious living souls inside a human body, and we must recognize this experience as a gift. Our lives are a gift, so why not live now? Nepo encourages us to ask what we need to know now, say what we feel now, and love what we love now. Life is short, we all know that. But, we do not always act as if we know the truth about our existence.