I enjoy helping others and exploring this beautiful earth. During my childhood, I lived in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay, which is where my love for nature began to blossom. Watching the sunrise is one of my favorite experiences, because much of the world is still and at peace; and I believe that the sunrise is a sign of God’s new and everlasting mercy. My inspiration for starting photography occurred while I was watching the sunrise. The sky looked like nothing I had ever seen before, it was simply gorgeous and I thought, “oh my goodness, this is breathtaking.” I looked around and no one else was enjoying this view. I decided in that moment, that I wanted to capture what I saw not only to remind myself about the hidden treasures of this world, but also to share with my loved ones. Shortly after, I began teaching myself about photography.

As an artist, my hope and desire is that my photography ignites peace within you, inspires you to fall in love with this beautiful earth, and empowers you to live your best life.

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PHOTO 1: Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa, shot by Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar

PHOTO 2: Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, shot by Jessica Leanice