Enjoy the Journey: A Poem

Enjoy the Journey — Jessica Leanice

Be confident and know

that a promise made by God,

is always kept.

The Universe responds

to God’s command.

Mountains are moved.

Doors are opened

and closed.

Paths are made.

All is done for your good.

All is done for your good.

Trust and believe.

Stand on God’s promise.

Read God’s word.

Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Pray as if the promise is already fulfilled.

Walk boldly in faith.

And enjoy the journey.

I wrote this poem when during a season of transition. It reminds me to enjoy the winter just as much as the summer. Staying lifted up in faith and resting in peace has helped me and many I know to enjoy their winter season. This poem has encouraged me to enjoy every season whiling waiting to transition into the next phase of my life. I hope this poem encourages you as well! 🙂

Peace, love and wellness friends!

Live well,

Jessica Leanice

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