Mantra: I am grateful


I am grateful. Three words that have significant power and meaning. “I am grateful,” is my mantra for this month. After reflecting on my life and noticing that I complain more than I should, I felt that I should acknowledge the numerous reasons to be grateful. The most prominent reason to be grateful, is that we are human beings. As human beings, we have the ability to make choices, to use language, to feel, to eat – oh, how I enjoy eating good food – and many more unique qualities of being a human.

As Mark Nepo so eloquently states in The Book of Awakening, we are precious human beings, we are rare, and we are awake. Our consciousness could be inside an ant instead of inside a human body. Imagine how difficult that experience would be. Instead, we are conscious living souls inside a human body, and we must recognize this experience as a gift. Our lives are a gift, so why not live now? Nepo encourages us to ask what we need to know now, say what we feel now, and love what we love now. Life is short, we all know that. But, we do not always act as if we know the truth about our existence.

If you let it, your mind can wonder far away from the simple gifts of life. Instead of living in gratitude, we find ourselves living in not enough. When living in not enough, we think that we do not have enough money, affection, fame, likes, recognition, time, relationships, shoes, clothes, things, etc. The truth is, we already have everything we need. We human beings are enough. Thankfully, we can change our behavior and perspectives now.

I am guilty of falling into the illusion of not enough. For that reason, I am saying the mantra “I am grateful,” during meditation this month. Words are powerful and carry energy. Words have the power to change minds and lives. Last month, I started journaling what I am thankful for every day. I also began saying what I am thankful for in prayer, and telling others why I am thankful for them or that I appreciate them. Additionally, I looked at myself in the mirror and thanked myself for being disciplined, for showing up, for simply being. I slowly began living an attitude of gratitude, and I noticed that I was happier. However, I still found myself complaining about something. Thus, I am hoping that by using the power of meditation, I can transform the part of my mind that is concerned with not enough to recognize what I have, and to complain less.

I invite you to join me in my pursuit to live well by, by using the mantra, “I am grateful” during your meditations this month. If meditation is not your thing, no problem, you can repeat “grateful” many times when you are alone. I am excited to live a life of gratitude instead of a life of not enough! I hope you will join me!

Please comment below or email me at and let me know your thoughts about gratitude, mantras, and meditation.

Live well,

Jessica Leanice

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  1. Love this verse, it reminds me to be thankful.. thank you for this reminder, 1 Timothy 6:6 Now godliness with contentment is great gain.

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