Mantra: I am evolving

A mantra is an instrument of the mind, that is commonly used during mediation to enter a deep state of meditation. I started using mantras during meditation to transport an intention I have in my mind and soul into my everyday life. I like to use “I am” statements for intentions that I want to incorporate into my everyday life. Otherwise, I use single word mantras to help me relax and let go of stress and anxiety. For example, during mediation, sometimes I say “peace” to myself with each inhalation, to help me relax into a deep state of meditation.

Lately, the mantra that I have been saying are related to evolution: “I am evolving.” Shortly after stating that mantra, I began thinking about butterflies. The mantra during my next meditation practice evolved into: “I am evolving like a butterfly.” After a morning of meditation and prayer, I wrote the following poem, Evolution.


Evolution. It doesn’t take 10 years to evolve it only takes one breath.

Inhale the love and life you need.

Exhale the pain and excess things you don’t.

Inhale life

exhale death.

Inhale joy

exhale pain.

Inhale peace

exhale dread.

Inhale patience

exhale discomfort.







Evolution happens in the breath.

Take time. Make time. Use your time to evolve.

— Jessica Leanice

Each day we have an opportunity to evolve, and be better than yesterday. No one is perfect, and that is OK. All that we can do is try our best. I believe that mantras are a great tool to use during meditation to help align our intentions with our consciousness and subconsciousness. Mantras help us to be the humans we are seeking to be, one breath at a time.

Be well,

Jessica Leanice

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