Worship Wednesday: Truth



I don’t fit in.

I was never suppose to.

I was not made in a mold, I was sculpted.

They try to turn me back into soft clay.

So they can mold me their own way.

They do not own me.

I affirm it with my mouth, that I am beautiful, the way I am.

I affirm it in my actions, that my mind is wild and free.

I affirm it with my walk, that I am confident in God who concurs all.

Some call it my strut, I call it my faith.

I thank God for letting me see and know who I AM.

I am free.

A renegade.

A wild one.

A temple.

A conscious living soul.

A believer in Jesus Christ.

Made in the image not of this world.

And I am rooted in a higher place.

So no, I don’t fit.

But, I am connected to all that lives.

Different entities.





— Jessica Leanice


This Worship Wednesday I wanted to share a poem I wrote after reflecting on a few situations and experiences I have had over the past few months. As I grow deeper into my spiritual self by reading God’s word and practicing yoga, I become awoken to spiritual truths. That is what this poem is about. I hope it brings you peace and understanding in your own existence on this beautiful earth.

Read the #GoToScripture of the week here.

Peace love light ☆ Namaste. 💜

Spending alone time in nature can generate an atmosphere of peace and stillness in the mind. Below are a few photos I took of the sunrise in December 2015, may they bring you a little peace and stillness in your life or encourage you to spend alone time with nature.

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