Worship Wednesday: Chaos or Peace

I used to think that I was a failure because I didn’t follow through with my dream. I found another dream in college and made an executive decision to follow this passion wholeheartedly especially after being told that I could never become my original dream from a respected supervisor. My heart was broken and at the tended age of 20, I believed her. I cried when I got back to my apartment and throughout that year slowly gave up on my dream.

She has to have merit about what she is talking about, I thought, because she counsels so many students at this university regarding this matter. Furthermore, she was a trusted supervisor, so why would she try to hinder me? It never crossed my mind that she was incapable of understanding what God has planned and ordained for my life. Nor that God did not send her to provide me with His guidance. Or that the enemy hates me for loving God.

Honestly, at that time, I did not fully understand His authority over my life. It was not until I read Jeremiah‬ ‭29:8-12‬ ‭that I truly understood what had happened and continues to happen in my life, in all of our lives.

Jeremiah wrote about how The Lord informed him that we should not let the people in our lives deceive us, nor shall we tell everyone about our dreams and aspirations, which God has given to us. Why? Because certain people will speak falsely about our dreams and aspirations. They will tell us that our dreams are too great, that we will never be able to fulfill our dreams, that we are not good enough. God says that these people cannot possibly comprehend our dreams because they are rooted in a higher place. Moreover, I think that we ourselves do not fully understand our dreams and purpose in this world, we merely get a glimpse when God and the universe have organized our lives in such a way that His purpose is resonating so loudly in our actions that you feel your purpose. It is the feeling you get that warms you to your core. It is when the light within us beings to shine through us. It is when we are our true selves, the I AM.

Now, I am amazed at what I thought was my second best option has manifested itself to leading me to my purpose. I did not give up on my dream, I experienced suffering which lead me a deeper sense of self, of I AM. I firmly believe that everything has happened exactly as it should and my dream will not tarry forever, it will surely come to pass. This awakening has helped me to take off the rose colored glasses I was wearing and see clearly that the enemy is a liar and always busy. The best part about all of this is that God is for us, therefore not one human being can be against us! Not one. So many will try and I honestly believe that everyone has the ability to be kind, they just simply do not understand or misunderstand someone and therefore lash out in the only way they think they know how. They are not yet awoken because they choose to not make an effort to understand, they just identify you as “other,” something different from “them;” completely missing that we are all one. This does not make me angry, but rather compassionate.

Negative energy always seeks to spread itself like a plague. And sometimes you may feel like you are the only light in a dark place, but let me tell you from experience, you are never alone. God is always by your side, leading the way, holding your hand, and placing you in His grace. He sends guardian angels to intercede. You may never know their names, but some how that mountain will be moved. The only thing you need to do is give your life to God. Dedicate your life to Him. Tell Him, “all I need is you Lord, ALL I need is you; fill me up Lord with your grace; forgive me for missing the mark, for missing the true purpose of my life.” I believe that our purpose is to be at peace with our lives by transforming our minds, once we do, anything is possible!

The day I decided to dedicate and give my life to God, was the best decision I ever made. My life has been made better for it. It has not been easy. Nowhere is it written that life will be easy. My life has been more peaceful. When I try to take my life back by being in control, that is when chaos comes rushing in full throttle, and peace no long has room in my mind and heart. Those are the times I need to step back and remember what God told me.

The only way to do this is to continually reflect and be present, conscious. To read and meditate on The Word, so you understand it and can apply it to your experiences.

So my friend, I hope you take time each day or week to reflect on your current situation, and ask yourself, am I listening to God or people? Am I operating in a world of peace or chaos? Do I feel at home or lost?

Find your purpose within yourself. Come home.

Read the #GotoScripture of the week, Jeremiah‬ ‭29:8-12‬ here.


I took these photos on my phone when the sun was rising on the Bay. At first glance it may look a little chaotic, but it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful sunrises, and I hope it brings you joy.

Peace, love, and light.


Jessica Leanice

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  1. First of all, beautiful photos! Also, loved the post! Who knew choosing your “second best,” would have you find an awesome friend (shameless plug) for life, a bunch of publications, time to focus on the process, a trip to Africa to make history during the Ebola epidemic AND….a higher sense of passion for your ACTUAL dream.

    Love you Best!

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    1. Ahh! How I love you and am so thankful to have met you! Hahaha right, “second best” – turns out there is no order, everything happens as it should, and the dream isn’t dead but took a different path! Love ya work bestie turned into life long friend! 😘💜

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